FANDOM (RTSC) has a very simple mission and that is to cover all RTS games both past and present better than any other website has done before it. RTSC is actually the first website in what is going to be a growing network of different types of websites, the creators of RTSC know RTS videogames the best and in business it makes the most sense to start with what you know best and move on from there.

Does that mean we don’t care about RTSC? Heck no, RTSC is what the RTS genre needs - a website that would give all RTS games an equal covering allowing the genre to move forward. Yes the media cover all RTS games, but they don’t cover them enough and often time’s fansites don’t cover RTS games as in-depth as is required. RTSC is ultimately a theoretical website though as like we’ve said before a website like this has not been attempted before or if it has it died a quick and horrible death.

So what can you find here at RTSC? Well everything that has to do with RTS games is what. If you crave Game Info we have that, if you like map’s – mod’s – strategies and everything of the like we have that as well. We even have all the latest Screenshots and Videos with many of the videos being in YouTube format allowing you to easily and quickly check out all the RTS videos you want.

So join us for the long or short haul, as RTSC is an adventure and we welcome all gamers be it the first-time-RTS’ers or the old-timers.

  • Nick

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